Hugely excited to share details of the launch of the awesome new show we've been working on with our partners at Unanico, which premieres on Netflix on March 20th. You can watch a trailer here: https://youtu.be/jXdkyJ8PIZI


Keith Chapman, of Paw Patrol, Bob the Builder and Fifi & the Flowertots fame, has turned his attention to the world of early pre-school for the first time by joining forces with Unanico Studios and series creator, Jason Jameson, to collaborate on Netflix’s new animated preschool series BUDDI. The show is aimed at the early pre-school audience, largely underserved since the iconic success of Teletubbies and Baby Einsteins. In an uncertain world, the serene, feel-good, and fun adventures of BUDDI will soothe children, bringing a moment of calm and delight.

Launching on Netflix worldwide on March 20, 2020, BUDDI is set in a beautifully designed, sensory world of imagination and exploration.

BUDDI features five friends or “Buddis”, called Iso, Cini, Vihi, Puna, and Kelta, each distinctively bright and colorful in their own way. The Buddis rejoice in their differences as friends, and explore the nuances of their natural world, caring for their environment as they go along. Together, they discover the wonder of snow, sand, rainbows and mud-fights, and meet many fascinating creatures that test their senses and inhabit the landscape of their home, Buddi Kotti.

BUDDI is magical, spirited, comical, and above all a completely unique experience for global pre-schoolers and their parents. Children will love being immersed in this creative, vibrant world.

BUDDI emphasizes emotional intelligence and feelings through the imaginative use of music and sound. The melodies of BUDDI showcase homemade instruments, so kids can play along to their favorite song.

BUDDI holds universal appeal because the Buddis express themselves with giggles, squeaks, and coos, which transcend nationalities and cultures, allowing the characters to connect instantly with everyone.

Raydar Media is managing all rights to BUDDI in collaboration with Unanico, Keith Chapman, GCI Film, FroG-Land Productions, Shanghai Motion Magic, and Spider Eye Studios. Raydar believes the show’s stunning visual style, coupled with it being non-verbal and early pre-school sets it completely apart from other pre-school series. To get involved or inquire about rights and press relating to BUDDI, contact Alison Rayson at alison@raydarmedia.com

Key Credits

From creator and series director Jason Jameson and executive producer Keith Chapman, creator of Paw Patrol, Unanico Studios in association with Shanghai Motion Magic, GCI Film, FroG-Land Productions and Spider Eye Studios present BUDDI

Executive Producers: Graham Appleby, Keith Chapman, Erica Darby, Morgan Francis, Mara Leighton, Alan Duncan Ross, Adam Stanhope

Head Writer: Barbara Slade

Developed By: Jason Jameson, Barbara Slade

Writers: Jason Jameson, Paul Laikin, Robert Milne, Karen Ullmann, Naima Vogt

Directors: Robert Milne, Karen Ullmann

Producers: Paul Laikin, Tony Hal, Guo Xiang, Jacqueline White

Music By: Jon Griffin