Mad Dog Jones is the top-dog among professional dare-devils everywhere. He laughs in the face of danger! Ha! Ha!

After he laughs, he gets bitten by crocodiles, shot from cannons, ejected from jets, accelerated, defenestrated, depressurized – and IDOLIZED by millions who are afraid of danger but don’t mind watching somebody else face it.

Among these millions, MDJ's biggest fan is the over-excitable COPY CAT, who loves MDJ so much that he copies his hero’s every death-defying act.

MDJ's manager & Stunt coordinator is a peg-legged rabbit, LADY LUCKY, the unluckiest creature who ever lived. Lady Lucky still believes in the power of luck, so she encourages MDJ to push his to the limit.

MDJ has a two-headed mechanic, DOUBLE-DARE DEVIL. Originally built by Lady Lucky in a mistaken belief that two heads are better than one, this quickly proved otherwise. The personalities of each head (Jeremy Clarkson & James May) could not be more different. They bicker, argue and constantly fall out with each other.

MDJ and Lady Lucky drive an enormous gaudy circus van that carries all the stunt props they need to put on THE DANGER DOG BIG DANGER SHOW: the flaming hoops, the crocodiles, loop-de-loop speed ramps, and assorted rocket cars.

They even pack along an inflatable stadium, THE DANGER DOME.

Let the danger begin! 

George Evelyn
Spider Eye